Supporting employees who must work from home

It looks probable that we will be living with COVID for a very long time. As such, employees’ homes have become important components of our businesses.

To maintain optimum productivity, it’s obvious that our employees need to feel secure and well supported in their homes by employers. We don’t want them distracted by issues relating to their property and its services.

After a renter has moved into a home, and the home search company has finished its role, it’s often only then that issues can arise that make it difficult for employees to focus on their jobs. For that reason, Saunders 1865 offers an ongoing support service which has two aspects to it:

  1. Providing comprehensive support to the employee with all property-related issues that arise during the lease; and
  2. Supporting the HR team with all issues that arise relating to the lease.

Apart from the obvious benefits for both the employee and HR, the major advantage for the line of business is that they avoid incurring costly, ad-hoc fees for handling issues that arise during a lease. By enrolling leases in our ongoing support program, instead, the employer pays only a small monthly fee and a nominal set up charge.

If you’d like to discuss our ongoing support program, Contact us today!

Excellent from start to finish. The team team was great to work with. It was a pleasure from my perspective.

Diana Mann TD securities, Toronto