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St David’s Day 2014

Team Recommendation for Expats – St David’s Day 2014

What is St. David’s Day?

St. David’s Day, celebrated on March 1, is the annual feast day of St. David, the patron saint of Wales. It marks the day of his death during the ninth century and has become a day to celebrate Welsh pride and culture, much the same way as St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland. How can you celebrate?

Eisteddfodau (a type of concert/recitation) are held on St. David’s Day, often by Welsh children, which combine Welsh literature, music and performance. In addition, the Welsh often wear one or both of the Welsh national emblems: the daffodil and the leek. The leek is actually St. David’s personal emblem along with his cross. Some girls take the holiday dress a step further by wearing a traditional Welsh costume. Cawl , a type of Welsh soup, is also traditionally eaten on St. David’s Day. Here are some ideas for you to join in on the St. David’s Celebrations:

  • Head to Wales for the weekend, there’s a parade in Cardiff every year attended by the British Monarch or Prince of Wales
  • Have St. David’s Day dinner with speakers and performances at Royal College of Surgeons
  • Eat Welsh: O’Dette’s serves British food with a Welsh influence and made with Welsh produce, and be sure to check local pubs who often have a special menu on for the holiday.
  • Shop Welsh: Visit Jessie Chorley and the Buddug The Shop, a Welsh craft shop
  • Join in the London Welsh Centre celebrations
  • Look up some online recipes and make your own Welsh feast with cawl and Welsh cakes




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