Saunders 1865 | Property for rent in London where you can shower under the bed

Property for rent in London where you can shower under the bed

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Being relocated to London? Will you have to settle for a tiny home where the shower is under your bed? Not if your employer provides you with VIP relocation support!

This ‘cosy’ flat in an exclusive area of west London is a one-bedroom studio which includes a bed, accessible by a wooden ladder, which is just inches from the ceiling and a shower under the bed. If that’s not generous enough, the landlord has thrown in a table, two dining chairs, a wardrobe and chest of draws for good measure.

A spokesman for affordable housing campaign Priced Out said: “This so-called studio is cartoonishly small and it is depressing to think that someone is willing to live there. The fact landlords can get away with carving up properties into ever smaller units for which the word ‘compact’ is a generous description is another symptom of a housing market that is routinely failing ordinary Londoners.”

It certainly is stuff of nightmares! At Saunders 1865, we make sure that you have a valuable selection of properties to choose from under our Home Finding Program and the hassle of finding that perfect home is completely taken off your hands with our VIP Relocation Support.

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