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If the Shoebox Fits…

Lately the news has been abuzz about a London studio on at £170/pw that went off the market after just 16 hours. The small studio has been referred to as a “shoebox” by several media sources, referring to the fact that with the furnishings of a double bed, table, chair, wardrobe and kitchenette, the space is so cramped that one can barely walk around the bed, let alone open the kitchen cabinets the whole way. The main draw for the flat seems to be its central location close to King’s Cross; though perhaps there’s a certain charm to not having to get out of bed in the morning to make breakfast or dress, so long as you don’t mind the fact that there’s no room to get out of bed period.
There is a separate bathroom in the studio, and with whole pages online dedicated to the “depressing” flat ads in London, it is these little things in life one has to appreciate.
Guardian recently published this article detailing alternative properties around the UK that are being let at the same price. It turns out if one ventures out of zone one, or even just a bit out of London, there’s plenty of space to be had at the same price.
Saunders 1865 doesn’t generally deal with studios, but if you’re a VIP wondering whether it’s worth deviating from zone one to get more bang for your buck, contact us today to talk to a consultant or have a look at our area reports. As a zone 2 girl myself I think you just might like what you see.


UPDATE: Islington Council has ruled that the flat is unfit to be rented as it is too small. I hope that tenant gets their deposit back.


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