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Shake-speare it up!

  • Shake-speare recently turned 450, prompting several celebrations in his name! Here are just a few ways to get involved with one of England’s most iconic historical figures and his work:
    The Globe
    On stage: The Globe’s season has begun! You can currently have an authentic Shake-spearean experience by viewing his work either standing, as the common man would have done, or seated. The seats were typically reserved for those who could afford them, and the highest seats were for nobles as those seats were consiNational Theatredered to be closest to Heaven. At the moment you can view Titus Andronicus, Much Ado About Nothing and Antony & Cleopatra.
    The exhibition: The Globe’s exhibition reveals the world of Shake-speare and the history of the Globe, a popular destination for history and theatre students.
    On screen: Keep an eye out for the opportunity to see the Globe’s plays on the big screen! The next show to hit cinemas is The Tempest, and there’s more to come!
    The National Theatre
    The National Theatre is currently doing a production of King Lear directed by Sam Mendes (whose portfolio includes American Beauty and Revolutionary Road) with Simon Russell Beale as Lear.
    Shakespeare Walks
    Actor Declan McHugh leads walks around London to take you back into Shake-speare’s footsteps. McHugh combines readings of Shake-speare’s speeches with a great knowledge of the bard’s life to show you where Shakespeare lived, wrote, loved, and more.
    In an exhibit entitled Shakespeare: Greatest Living Playwright, the V&A celebrate the bard’s major contributions to the theatre scene, as well as those who continue to keep his work alive. The must-see of this exhibit is the short video loop which features actors, directors, set designers and others who’ve worked with extensively Shakespeare productions giving their take on his work. Their insights paired with clips and photos of numerous productions are truly inspiring, and add meaning to the artefacts that make up the rest of the exhibit.

Theatre is just one of the many great aspects of London; take a look at our other blog articles and ExpatAdvisor for more ideas on how to fill your time here!

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