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Team Recommendation for Expats: Vikings Life and Legend at the British Museum

Scandinavian culture has gradually spread into the world through the likes of Stieg Larson’s hit Millennium Trilogy, Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking, H&M, IKEA and so forth. In fact, some of Marvel’s latest movies have paid a discreet tribute to old Norse traditions through the hero Thor, based on the Viking god of thunder and war. If you’re curious to discover the roots of Chris Hemsworth’s striking character, look no further than the British Museum’s display Vikings: life and legend.

While the exhibit may not be as action-packed as The Avengers, the stories it tells are like something out of Game of Thrones. The vast array of artefacts gathered for the exhibit tell the story of warriors from the cold north who left in home to conquer land as far as the Americas, far before Columbus and other explorers reached them. The rest of the saga involves a vast and brutal mythology, some questionable hygiene and riches from around the world.

The audio guide is a must-have for this exhibit to walk you through the first Viking exhibit at the British Museum in over thirty years in collaboration with museums in Denmark and Berlin. The impressive collection of Viking artefacts include a model of the largest Viking ship found to date. While the collection itself is enough for any archaeology buff, the audio guide adds flesh to the exhibit’s bones.

If you’d rather have the exhibition brought to life for you the museum will be releasing a video tour called Vikings Live to be shown in local cinemas and schools, presented by the renowned popular historians Michael Woods and Bettany Hughs. The tour will culminate in a Viking boat burial outside the museum at night. The children’s tour will be led by Ed Petrie who presented the popular Pompeii live for schools. The school viewings will feature fun educational activities like dress up and Viking food tastings.

While the exhibit itself is based in London the video tours (which will take place in April for adults and June for children) will be available across the UK. See the British Museum’s website to find a showing near you!


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