Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Leads the Charge on Electric Cars

By Using Streetlights to cheaply install a Charging Point Infrastructure for EVs Enabling flat residents to charge their electric cars at home

This innovation could help improve air quality & the environment across London dramatically

But Government needs to offer better incentives to encourage a big uptake of Electric Vehicles in London

This is exciting news!  The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has joined forces with UK Power Networks and Ubitricity in a trial project that involves converting street lights in Onslow Gardens and Holland Park into electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.  

And now, after a successful trial period, a plan is in the works to roll out this programme to other parts of Kensington & Chelsea, starting in locations where there’s most demand.

At a time when air pollution, from diesel vehicles especially, has breached legal levels - causing serious health problems for children and the elderly in particular – this innovation offers a fast, relatively cheap route to a solution to this health emergency.

Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company said: “I am very supportive of this terrific initiative by our Local Authority in Kensington & Chelsea.  The fact is, there’s been a surge of interest in electric cars in this area but residents and local business owners are held back because there are no charging options that don’t involve high costs and huge inconvenience.  This will remove those obstacles because EV owners will be able to charge their car near their home or business.  EVs are clean, quiet, safe and immensely fun to drive.”

Users pay for their electricity at roughly the same price as they pay for their electricity at home.  Smart charging cables ensure that they only get billed for the electricity they use.

Currently, nearly 50% of residents in inner London do not have access to an off-street parking station to charge their EV.  Many residents are driving to shopping centres to charge which increases congestion and electricity consumption.  This trial should set the stage for greater EV use across London - and the tackling of the enormous air quality crisis.

But manufacturers are charging a huge premium for electric cars and that’s a big obstacle to making the dramatic change that’s needed.

To counter this until initial costs come down, the government must get much more creative and proactive in finding ways to encourage Londoners to swap their fossil burning, noisy and smelly cars for EVs.  Given the environmental and heath benefits that could be quickly achieved, it would be worth providing plentiful charging spaces that are free for EVs, both in terms of the cost of charging and the cost of parking while charging. 

To kickstart the process of transformation to electric motoring, in addition to the existing benefits, EVs should be able to park anywhere on the public streets of London (in designated parking areas) free of charge and they should be allowed to use all Bus Lanes.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing project involving how streetlamps might be used to provide EV charging points - and how you can help make this a reality across London, do get in touch with us today by using this Contact Form