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Royal Baby

Congratulations to Kate, William and baby George!

Unless you’ve just flown in from another planet, you will have heard the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have at last welcomed their new son into the world, an 8lb 6oz boy named George Alexander Louis.  Adorable pictures of the new Prince of Cambridge have been beamed around the globe to announce the most eagerly awaited birth in decades.

Kate Middleton gave birth to her son in the exclusive Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.  This is the same private hospital in which Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, gave birth to Prince William some 31 years ago.  The press pack set up camp outside days before the Duchess went into labour, but the Lindo Wing was able to offer her not only the best medical care available but also the privacy that is so important at a special time like this.  Estimates of the cost for her one night stay have been in the region of £6,000, not including her consultant’s fee.

However, on the same day, approximately 2,000 other babies will have been born in the UK and most will have made their debut into the world courtesy of the brilliant doctors and nurses of the National Health Service.  For ex pats having a baby in the UK, there is a wide range of options available.  Foreign nationals who live and work in the UK and pay UK national insurance contributions, and their spouses, may claim free NHS health care, including obstetrics and paediatric care.  Even if you are not in a position to claim free care, you will still be able to pay for NHS services to have your baby.

However, if you have private health insurance, there are plenty of excellent private hospitals to choose from.  As soon as you find out you are pregnant, check what your policy covers.  For information on the various options available, you may find the following websites helpful:


National Childbirth Trust

Birth Choice UK

And if you are expecting a baby, congratulations to you too!


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