Rihanna set to ‘Work Work Work’ from London

How using a VIP relocation service can help you move like a celebrity!

                                                      By: Christine Hall, GMS - Managing Director


Rihanna is going to ‘Work’ ‘Work’ ‘Work’ ‘Work’ ‘Work’ from her new base in London.

Life in celebrity-filled LA has lost its appeal for the singer, largely due to partner Hassan Jameel spending the majority of his time in London.

Apparently, Rihanna finds London-town romantic, with her and Hassan often sneaking away to the capital for weekend breaks.  And who can disagree with that?  Between the stunning architecture, masses of green space for long walks to escape the city and the royal influence, London is a wonderful spot to get away with that special someone!

Rihanna is said to love British culture and dislikes the fakeness of Hollywood and Los Angeles.  I think it’s safe to say that anonymity is much more achievable in London than in LA.  Throw on some sunglasses and hop on the tube and no one will know the difference, right?

Having lived in both the States and the UK myself, I think it’s a good point.  As a relocation professional, I’ve worked with a number of celebs that have relocated to the UK and all have done so partly because they wanted their privacy.  Using a relocation professional goes a long way to achieving that goal because the property search will be handled discreetly, keeping the famous client in the background, and fielding the awkward questions that will inevitably be posed by estate agents.

Whether buying or renting in London, VIP clients retain relocation professionals for a number of sound reasons.  You can read more about them here 

Rihanna already loves London, so much so that despite secretly purchasing a flat in the city a couple years ago, she now wants something larger and more private in the capital.

At Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company, my team and I love getting to work with celebrities and giving them a great first taste of life in London by focusing on privacy and top-notch service.  Whatever your reason for moving to the UK, you should connect with a Saunders 1865 relocation expert for a free consultation. 

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