Renters moving to the UK need protection from sharp practices

by rogue agents and landlords

High Street Agent Calls Out Own Industry for Dirty Tricks!

By: Christine Hall, GMS,

A high street letting agency has accused fellow agents across the UK of underhand dealings in the estate agency business according to media reports.

James Pendleton referred to dirty tricks such as refusing to pass on offers, inventing buyers and dreaming-up fictional offers and viewings.  Pendleton claims that some agents are indulging in sharp practices to gain the upper hand over the competition as well as their own colleagues.

Calling for regulation of his industry, Pendleton referred to the fact that estate agency “is unregulated and, as a result, attracts some pretty unscrupulous characters.  You’ve got to remember that someone a day out of prison with no qualifications or ethical compass can set up an estate agency and sell your home.”

Here are some of Pendleton’s alleged ‘dirty tricks’ by his fellow estate agents:

  1. Putting boards on properties they haven’t been asked to sell or let
  2. Advising clients on offers from fictional people (yes the offers always fall through!)
  3. Not revealing to their client that a deal has fallen through
  4. Dreaming-up fictional offers
  5. Refusing to pass on an acceptable offer to the property owner
  6. Deleting applicants and their offers from the firm’s database to get the better of colleagues
  7. Gazumping their own buyers
  8. Under-valuing a property in order to secure it for someone special

So there we have it from the horse’s mouth.  Some estate agents are rotten and the public needs protecting from these rogues, as do reputable agents.  And I believe that the industry is going from bad to worse as every vestige of professionalism and good service gives way to the “uberization” of the business by the new tech-driven, online agency model.

Above all, renters and buyers coming to the UK from overseas need protection from sharp practices by letting agents and landlords.  That’s why so many employers retain our services to look after the assignees and families that they move to London and elsewhere across the UK.

If you move people for work to the UK from overseas you need to protect them from being ripped off.  If you, yourself, are moving to the UK, make sure you speak to one of our relocation experts before you commit to any rental contract.  Whatever your budget, we have a service that will fit your needs.

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