Renters in the UK are still being held hostage over the payment of agents' fees

Have you experienced this extortion?

UK rental agents

Most UK rental agents continue to hold renters hostage over the payment of mandatory fees.  These fees are in addition to the hefty commission that they charge to their landlord clients.

The UK Government has pledged to ban agents from charging fees to renters as soon as they can get a new law on the statute books.  But where’s the actual ban?

We’ve been campaigning for this ban for many years.  

Usually, these fees are demanded at the start of the rental contract.  But recently, in a new twist, a London agent tried to impose the payment of an additional fee (on top of the substantial deposit they were holding) on one of our tenants before they would pay our client’s deposit back!

This, they said, had to be paid upfront before they would release the very report that proved our corporate client was entitled to receive their full deposit back!

This was until we heard about it!  Our Ongoing Support team stepped in and the UK agent was wise enough to back down.  The deposit was returned immediately at our insistence.  

But the vast majority of renters in the UK do not have the benefit of employer-sponsored representation.  This sort of extortion must stop and the UK Government needs to get on with imposing the ban.  Why the delay?  Scotland banned such fees back in August 2012.

Have you ever been held hostage over payment of fees to the landlord’s agent?  

If so, please contact us because we'd like to include as many examples as possible of these extortionate practices in our submission to the UK Government as part of the upcoming industry consultation process.