Saunders 1865 | Renters Find Stratford A More Affordable Part Of London

Renters Find Stratford A More Affordable Part Of London

Did you know about Stratford?

If you’re moving to London, a part of the city that’s worth considering is Stratford. The rents are certainly more reasonable for renters that don’t need to be in a swanky part of town.

As a comparison, a 2 bedroomed flat in Kensington might be priced at £3,500/month, whereas a comparable flat in Stratford will be nearer the £1,500 mark.

The transport links are also excellent. There is great access into the City via the new TFL rail (12 mins to Liverpool Street) making your commute easy. You’ve also got great shopping/facilities with the Westfield Shopping Centre.

This area has a lot to offer. But don’t confuse it with the other Stratford (on Avon) which was Shakespeare’s home!

You can read our new Stratford Area Report here or click on the button below.


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