Relocations to the UK: an emerging trend back to buying instead of renting?

We’ve noticed an interesting trend developing towards more long term international relocations, especially to the UK.

It seems to be coming from the large tech corporations where working from home is a no-brainer.
In particular, tech workers moving to the UK from places like San Francisco are opting to buy rather than rent because they can:

  • secure a much nicer home
  • in the perfect location of their choice (i.e. not dictated by commuting concerns)
  • at a great price because of current market conditions.

When we started this relocation firm back in the late 1980s, buying (rather than renting) was the norm.

These new-age workers have the means to buy, and they much prefer to buy.

The tech corporations they work for are happy to encourage and assist them as part of their overarching need to attract and retain the best talent on the planet.

The sort of homebuyer support being provided covers such issues as:

  • help with selecting a location in the UK that suits the family’s needs
  • property search assistance to help them navigate every aspect of an unfamiliar real estate market
  • help with securing a good mortgage deal, arranging legal work, etc.

It’s going to be interesting to see if this emerging trend extends to other business sectors. What do you think?

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I must say that without a doubt, you are the most thorough, organized, and responsive professionals we have worked with during all of our UK dealings.  We truly couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

EsiMinta-Jacobs, Ghana

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