Saunders 1865 | Relocating Moya Green to lead Royal Mail

Relocating Moya Green to lead Royal Mail

The Saunders 1865 UK Relocation Team routinely supports the international relocations of some of the world’s top business leaders when they are transferred into the UK to take up a crucial new role.

One such international relocation was for Royal Mail when we helped relocate Moya Green from Canada to London.

Moya Green became the first woman and first non-Briton to head Royal Mail since Henry VIII established a “master of posts” in 1516.

We just came across this interview with Moya Green.

Moya Green has clearly achieved GREAT things at Royal Mail and she continues to do so.

What a turnaround! Congratulations to her! What a wonderful outcome for Great Britain!!

As we have seen many times before, the best person for the top role in a major corporation is often found in another part of the globe. Smart employers make sure they are given comprehensive relocation assistance.



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