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Purim is a Jewish holiday full of joy and celebration. It is sometimes referred to as the “Jewish Mardi Gras” for the Carnival-like celebrations. Purim commemorates when the queen of Persia, Esther (who was secretly Jewish), saved her people from being exterminated (the story is told in the Book of Esther). This year it will be celebrated on 15-16 of March (sunset to nightfall). Join the celebrations around London and here’s our recommendations:

  • Find a reading of the Book of Esther; it is traditional to boo, stamp and rattle noisemakers (do anything that makes noise really) every time Haman’s name is mentioned to ‘blot his name’ from history [Haman was the King’s advisor who tried to orchestrate the extermination of the Jews]
  • Drink, eat, be merry! The Talmud commands you to drink until you can’t tell a Hamad (the bad guy) apart from a Mordecai (the good guy), though within reason of course!
  • Give gifts to charity, any charity! It’s a great day to volunteer and give back before partying.
  • The Ultimate Bond Bash: Purim Style: 007 has a license to Purim down in London town, so join the Centre for Jewish Life and party down to Skyfall.
  • For the younger crowd there’s a Family Purim House Party for children in years 1-8 with their families at the London Jewish Cultural Centre
  • For 21+ there’s another Purim party at Sound Nightclub
  • Purim Lunch and Learn, take a look at Purim spiels’ effect on theatre at the Jewish Museum London
  • Or make a day out of it and do a little bit of everything with Central Synagogue London Even if you’re not Jewish, this is a great and fun way to learn a bit about Jewish culture if you’re curious.

Have fun! And if you do decide to take part, be sure to share your experiences with us!



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