Saunders 1865 | I Do – pronounce this exhibit to be a success!

I Do – pronounce this exhibit to be a success!

The V&A’s new exhibit “Wedding Dresses 1775-2014” traced the development of the wedding dress over the last 240 years. The exhibit success features historical pieces, designer pieces and clothing worn by celebrities on their wedding days, providing an interesting insight not only into fashion but those who wore the various garments. One of our team members caught a cheeky peak at the preparations, and those alone featured an impressive array including surprises such as a dark wedding dress rather than the traditional white: who knew?
For those with an interest in history, watching how the conservative dresses conveying the bride’s virtue develop into the fashion statements they are today, such as Lisa Butcher’s cut-out dress from 1992, makes for a great journey. Alternatively, you can focus on the cultural side as the exhibit features not only the typically western white wedding dresses, but a colourful sari from a V&A staff member’s own wedding amongst other dresses and suits drawing inspiration from around the world. Even the Western dresses have a great variety from Lady Mary Charteris’s cut-out dress to Dita von Teese’s purple Vivienne Westwood gown. Lastly, there’s of course the draw of fashion as the exhibit features dresses by Ian Stuart, Vera Wang, and more.
Other celebrity outfits include the Dior get up worn by Christina Aguilera and Gavin Rossdale for their wedding and Kate Moss’s stunning Galliano gown.


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