Saunders 1865 | Prince William & Kate Middleton Might be Moving to Kensington.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Might be Moving to Kensington.

They Might Move Just Round the Corner From Us!Prince George moves in london

According to media reports, the royal couple are considering the move back to London in conjunction with Prince George starting at a pre-prep school within walking distance of Kensington Palace. Another reason apparently is so they will be better placed to performmore royal duties.

It’s certainly a nice perk having a Palace ready to move into. Less fortunate celebs have to invest a great deal of time in finding a suitable home to buy or rent in the new location. Or do they?

Why do VIPs Retain Relocation Agents to Act for Them?

Many retain specialist home finders (often called Relocation Agents) to do all the legwork for them. This option has a number of important advantages for VIP home seekers, whether they are celebrities or big beasts of the world of business leaders. Among these are:

1. CONFIDENTIALITY: it allows them to protect their privacy by having a professional representative contact all the estate agents & other sources

2. TIME SAVING: all the legwork is done for them, including weeding-out all the unsuitable homes


4. SOMEONE ON THEIR SIDE: estate agents act for property owners; home finders ONLY represent the renter or home buyer


6. HIGHLY PERSONAL SERVICE: that’s individually tailored for you, the renter or home buyer

7. ELEVATED STATUS: agents & property owners regarded represented home seekers as more solid, serious enquirers

Remember, estate agents act for property owners. Renters and buyers need representation too!

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