Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise’s Adopted Daughter House Hunting in the UK

Isabella Cruise & husband searching for a property where?!

                                                            By: Christine Hall, GMS,

I hear that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s adopted daughter Isabella is house hunting in London.  

While loads of celebrities have properties within the M25, I was a little surprised that  Isabella was searching in the south London borough of Croydon.  I think I need to have a word with her!  Maybe it’s a budget thing!

I do hear that Isabella and her husband prefer to live in the UK, far away from the glamour that Cruise and Kidman “enjoy” in the States.

Miss Cruise was notably estranged from her Australian mother for years but is reportedly now back in contact. That’s good to hear.  Life is too short to be shutting family members out.

But I’m no therapist!  My skillset is around relocation/property search for VIP renters and buyers.  I have been helping VIPs and celebs find homes in London and elsewhere in the UK for more than 30 years. 

The starting point is selecting the right location for specific client – and I don’t think Isabella and her husband are looking in the right area.  That’s my knee-jerk reaction.  To make a proper determination for a client, I need to start with an in-depth confidential consultation to assess their lifestyle needs.  That comes before looking at potential homes, but estate agents don’t have the time to do a proper job of supporting the property hunter. 

Estate agents work for property owners, not property seekers.  The just want you to view as many homes as possible in the hopes that something will work for you.  Throw enough mud against a wall and hopefully, some of it will stick!

So will Isabella end up in Croydon when there are so many wonderful options in and around London?  Take a look at our London Area Reports portal and grab a free moving guide for your chosen location.

If you’re interested in Croydon specifically, we’ve got you covered!  Check out our Croydon Area Report here

But it’s always best to engage the services of a local relocation professional who has the knowledge of all the competing local property markets.  We act for buyers and renters, never for sellers or landlords.  Therefore we’re free to give independent, objective advice because we’re only interested in looking out for our clients’ best interests.

Additionally, using a relocation professional enables VIPs and celebs to do their home searches in a discreet fashion.  That way they can remain in the background while their relocation/property search professional handles all the questions from estate agents and nosey neighbours.

And from the house-hunters point of view, searching for property burns so much time.  There’s a massive amount of research to do; so much going from Agent to Agent; so many viewings of totally unsuitable homes because Agents don’t have time to listen to your needs properly.  This approach pushes most of the work onto the buyer or renter.  And with the surge in cheap, online estate agencies, the service to home seekers is only getting progressively worse.

Celebs and VIPs are cash rich but time poor.  That’s why they use relocation professionals who take all these chores off them, hold their hands throughout the process, and robustly represent them during negotiations.  Estate agents have a duty to get the highest price for the seller or landlord.  Our duty is the opposite.  Our role is to get the best deal for the buyer or renter.

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