NEX Group Plans HQ Move

London Valued as Pre-eminent ‘Tech and Commercial Hub’

After recent reports of FinTech companies moving out of the UK due to Brexit, NEX Group plc, a FinTech company that integrates banks, asset managers and global hedge funds, announced that they are expanding and relocating their London headquarters.

NEX is looking to lease 115,000 square feet of office space in the London Fruit and Wool Exchange.  NEX’s UK team has been based out of the Broadgate location for more than thirteen years.

The move isn’t expected until 2019, demonstrating the firm’s confidence in a post-Brexit UK.

Jenny Knott, Chief Executive Officer of NEX Optimisation noted, “Like NEX, the London Fruit and Wool Exchange has undergone a transformation since its origins as London’s pre-eminent goods market.  NEX is a financial technology business so we are really excited to be moving closer to a technology and commercial hub which aligns more closely with the NEX brand, and which provides the highest quality space for our employees.”

Seth Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of EBS BrokerTec added in an accompanying statement, “[This] signals the start of a new brand, a new beginning and a wealth of new opportunities.  I am really looking forward to working in our new offices which perfectly capture our new direction.”

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