Saunders 1865 | New! VIP Destination Support Package for Relocations to London, UK

New! VIP Destination Support Package for Relocations to London, UK

Today we want to consult you about the price pointkindle-fire
for a new VIP Destination Package covering London, UK

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New! VIP Destination Support Package
for Relocations to London, UK

Rental Search & Settling In Package

One VIP-Level Package – Success Guaranteed – Low Price Point (that’s what we want to consult you about today!)

Our London team have been hearing more & more from HR professionals that you want to be able to extend VIP-level relocation services to more of their assignees; to support relocations that are below the most senior executive level.

However, because of cost constraints you’ve met with resistance internally. We wanted to see if we could do something to help out with this problem.

Corporate Clients Spoke; We Listened & Acted!

Last week, our CEO, Tony Coe, reached out to our corporate client community and asked, what new service could we introduce that would be most helpful to you?

In your responses there was one common thread.

  • HR professionals want a VIP-level service at a lower price point for relocations to London.
  • You want a price, for the Saunders 1865 level of destination service that’s a no brainer for the line of business.
  • You want a package priced at a point to enable you to obtain authorization for cases that would not normally qualify for any rental & settling-in assistance.

Our terrific London team immediately wrestled to find a solution – and we’ve come up with something really exciting.

We analysed a sample of the relocations of younger professionals that we’ve handled over the past few weeks. When we did that, we realized something.

Less senior professionals require a different rental search model to the top executives.


  • Being super busy with work, they prefer to view rental homes on their own time in preference to escorted tour days
  • They prefer to source rental homes themselves via online portals
  • But they still want to consult our experts about areas, particular properties, reputable sources of accommodation, legal terms etc.
  • They also need our experts to handle making offers, negotiating leases, & formally closing transactions
  • Plus, they need help with council tax, utility hook up, broadband & all the other settling in issues

Focusing on these precise needs, we concluded that the constant, dramatic advances in tech mean we can deliver everything they need at an attractive price point for Employers.

And the shift fits in nicely with the emerging corporate desire to put assignees more in control of their own relocation support and rental budget.

Success Guaranteed!

And because we are so confident in our service, we saw no reason why we should not remove all risk for clients.

Therefore we will apply a NO QUIBBLE SUCCESS GUARANTEE THAT IS UNPRECEDENTED that will work like this:

If your assignee does not chose a rental home within the 45-day service period, we will AT YOUR OPTION, either:

  • Refund the fee in full
  • Continue our service until your assignee does chose a rental home.


Service Benefits:

  • Rental Property & Settling-In Support Across London & the UK
  • That Enables Assignees to Get More For Their Rental Budget
  • Improves Loyalty & Retention
  • Protects Assignee From Landlord Abuse
  • Enhances Employer’s ROI
  • Guaranteed Success!


  • Assignee Briefing with UK Destination Expert
  • Rental Search Support & Area Advice
  • Submit Formal Offers to Landlords
  • Negotiate Best Lease Terms for Tenant
  • Review Tenancy Agreement
  • Execute Formal Closing of Transaction
  • Provide Settling-in Assistance (council tax, utilities, broadband, etc.)
  • 45 Days of Support with Success Guaranteed

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