When Moving People To The UK Don’t Get Caught Out

By The New Right To Rent Immigration Law

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Imagine if this happened to a senior executive whose move to London you were responsibility for managing.

The family has found their ideal rental home. The lease terms have been finalised after their housing visit to the UK and while they’ve been making final arrangements in the departure area for the upcoming relocation to London.

Now they have flown to the UK and they are on the way from Heathrow Airport to pick up the keys to their new home.

But you notice that an email has recently arrived in your inbox to say that the landlord cannot allow the family access until they are satisfied that every adult in the home has passed the Government-imposed immigration check under the new Right to Rent law.

The email sets out all the original documents that will be required for inspection by the landlord’s agent before the keys will be handed over.

To add to your stress, a call now comes in from the senior executive, who is furious. The landlord’s agent is not satisfied that the 2 adults can pass the Right to Rent check and has refused the family access to the rental home, even though the deposit and first month’s rent has been paid!

This is an awful situation for the family and for you.

The fact is that landlords in the UK are being fined for failing to properly vet renters in accordance with the strict letter of the new law. As a result landlords and their agents are becoming over-zealous and sometimes misapply the checks, causing unnecessary inconvenience and costs for renters and their employers.

To help you make sure that you never face this situation, we have prepared a checklist. 

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