Saunders 1865 | New online GP service – No need to wait, no need to travel

New online GP service – No need to wait, no need to travel

By Charmine Rajah at Saunders 1865

I Went Down Hard With The Dreaded Winter Bug & Needed A Doctor

This was my experience trying a new online GP Service called Push Doctor

Are you tired of waiting to be seen by a doctor? You’re not alone…the wait is over.

Winter is the unhealthiest time of year for you and your family. Some health problems, such as asthma, sore throat and cold sores, are triggered or worsened by cold weather.

Being healthy is important – but so is being happy.

I suffered a viral infection just after the New Year was born. I called my GP for two days running only to be told there were no appointments available. This was frustrating to say the least! I went to a walk-in clinic but wasn’t satisfied with the treatment and medical advice given.

My firm’s Founder, Tony Coe, suggested that I use a new online GP service called Push Doctor, which he had just heard about.

Push Doctor gave me the opportunity to talk to an online UK Doctor via real-time video using their app or website. All I had to do was to choose a time that suited me, talk face-to-face with a doctor and receive medical advice.

The bonus of using Push Doctor was that it was quicker. There was no waiting and no travelling. As I was a new customer, my first appointment cost me £5. I also had the opportunity to subscribe for this service on a pay-as-you-go service, or go onto a monthly subscription basis.

For a better user experience, I suggest using the website version. You will need to ensure you have a working webcam and microphone.

After you have signed-up, you can start referring the Push Doctor service to friends, relatives and neighbours by giving them a FREE online GP appointment usually worth £20. You will then get a £5 free credit to your account if they use the service.

I think this GP service offers a terrific alternative for busy people who don’t have time to wait around to see a doctor. You don’t even have to travel to a surgery because the consultation is in the comfort of your own home or office. I think it could be very helpful to the clients in our Ongoing Support program

It was mentioned on BBC’s Newsnight recently in the context of how it can take pressure off the National Health Service, especially since so many people take minor issues to A&E because they can’t get an appointment with their GP quickly enough.

I’d like to get feedback from those who have tried Push Doctor.  Here’s a link to their service

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