New On-Line Housing Database to

‘Name and Shame’ Landlords & Letting Agents

London Mayor Hopes to Encourage Transparency

Tenants renting in londonLast Friday Sadiq Khan announced that a new on-line database will be created to note landlords and letting agents that have been prosecuted for housing offences.  It is hoped that the database will be opened up to the public by Autumn 2017.

The database is meant to give tenants renting in London the ability to be able to check on the background of their potential landlord or agent prior to any tenancy obligations.  Really, the existence of the database as a whole is meant to discourage landlords and agents from acting dishonestly in the first place.

6 local councils have contributed information to the database as a starting point: Newham, Brent, Camden, Southwark, Kingston and Sutton.  The hope is that once established, additional councils will be able to join in eventually as well.

Details on the landlords’ criminal history and any investigations will be shared on the website.  The initial understanding from the mayor’s office is that Londoners themselves will be able to report any suspected issues in regards to their landlords or letting agents.

This begs the question if the website will be used for its original purposes or simply as a space for disgruntled tenants to vent their frustrations.

Regardless, we support any measures to assist fair treatment of tenants in UK by Government.

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