New Moving Guide Launched to Help Lure Overseas Doctors Moving to the UK

But their biggest issue (housing) has not been addressed!

                                                       By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS,

A guide for overseas doctors considering a move to the UK to work in general practice has been launched by the Royal College of General Practitioners. It offers advice and practical support that showcases the UK as a great place to work as a GP.

NHS England plans to recruit 2,000-3,000 overseas doctors.

Professor Terence Stephenson, Chair of the General Medical Council, said: “The many overseas doctors who work as GPs in the UK make a hugely valuable contribution to frontline healthcare. Moving to a new country to work – and in many cases relocating their family as well – is a huge decision.

I couldn’t agree more. But what relocation support are they being offered. I know from 30+ years of moving overseas workers to the UK for employers that their biggest challenge is finding an affordable place to rent or buy. This problem is especially acute in the London area.

Handling this challenge early in the recruitment process by providing top drawer relocation support greatly enhances the success-rate of the recruitment and retention process.

And providing comprehensive relocation support that makes the potential recruits feel like VIPs that are truly valued by their potential new employer. It should always be a major component of any recruitment and onboarding process.

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