If you’re renting a home in the UK, here’s another new law that all tenants need to know about!

Maybe you’re moving to London or elsewhere in the UK.  Perhaps you’re in HR and responsible for assignees that have relocated to the UK and are renting a home.  There’s been quite a bit of new legislation in recent times which anybody in renting in the UK needs to be aware of.

This article focuses on a recent piece of law which relates to the energy efficiency of properties (rented or sold), which now require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

EPCs have been around since 2007, and they provide information on how energy-efficient the home is.  But from 1 April 2020, the law has been tightened in that a minimum standard of efficiency is now required.  Landlords are no longer allowed to rent properties that fall below that minimum standard.

Employers with assignees renting in the UK should check that the rental homes concerned meet the minimum standard, and where they don’t, require the landlord to remedy the situation.

Landlords who flout this law – and sadly, there will be many of them - will be subject to significant fines.  Of course, that will only be if they get caught and the fact is, not many renters know about this new legal requirement, nor the many other legal standards that now apply to rented homes.  And it will be mainly down to renters (or those taking care of those assignees) to make sure their landlords comply.

And an EPC is still required even during the COVID-19 pandemic although social distancing rules apply to the assessment process.

Where rental homes and assignees are under the wing of Saunders 1865’s Ongoing Support program, we will take care of this and we will also monitor other relevant legal requirements on the tenant and employer’s behalf.  More information on our Ongoing Support program can be found here

And the UK Government’s advice on this topic is here

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