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The National Theatre’s National Trail

This week The National Theatre began a month long treasure hunt. Touted as being part treasure hunt, part historical tour, The National Theatre’s National Trail, leads participants on a quest through the theatre’s long history. For our expats, this means you can find out more about an important part of British culture and the London theatre scene in celebration of its 50 year anniversary.

Beginning on the ground floor of the National Theatre, just across from the Information Desk, participants can find a leaflet containing more detailed instructions. For those clever enough to deduce all of the clues and work their way through the entirety of the modernist building, they will find themselves inside of the secret Vault.

The National Theatre regularly puts on a number of large-scale, world class theatrical productions. Founded in 1963, the National Theatre comprises of three venues in Southbank; in addition to their continuing work in theatre, the National Theatre is also actively involved in education with programmes for participants of all ages. Performances of the National Theatre’s productions have been broadcast in cinemas around the world and the National Theatre also engages in a series of travelling shows around the United Kingdom.

The National Theatre’s National Trail runs until 10 November and starts daily at 9:30 when the Theatre opens. For more information about dates and times or to see what’s on at the National Theatre currently, please check their website.

When: 1 October – 10 November; Mon-Sat: 9.30am, Sun: 12pm

Where: The National Theatre, The Southbank

Price: FREE!

Nearest Tube: Waterloo


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Saunders 1865