Saunders 1865 | Mum’s the Word: Mother’s Day 2014

Mum’s the Word: Mother’s Day 2014

March 30, this coming Sunday, is both Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day in the UK. What’s the difference? Well, Mothering Sunday is a Christian holiday held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was a day where servants got the day off both to visit their families and to go to their mother church. Mother’s Day on the other hand is a commercial holiday whose date varies depending on the country in question. It first became an official holiday in the US in 1914 through the efforts of Anna Jarvis, though she reportedly was disappointed with how quickly it became commercialised. While Mothering Sunday is a religious holiday, Mother’s Day is a secular holiday to celebrate and honour mothers and motherhood. That being said, what are you doing for your mama this weekend?

In case it slipped your mind, or you simply don’t know what to do this year, here are some ideas:

o    Kensington Palace has a great afternoon tea, beautiful gardens and architecture
o    The annual opening of Kew Palace is just in time for Mother’s Day!
o    Vogue Festival 2014 for fashion forward mums
o    Take her to a West End show; Mamma Mia has some great mother-daughter moments
o    Follow the Time Out Schedule for culture mums, foodie mums, nature mums and fashion mums

  • Do it yourself

o    Cuddle up for a movie night with your favourite snacks and something you’ll both love to watch. Some mommy movie suggestions include:  Brave, The Blind Side, Freaky Friday, The Incredibles, Goodfellas, Forest Gump, Mamma Mia and of course, Mommie Dearest.
o    Picnic in the park (For example in one of the Royal Parks in London)
o    Take her on a day trip to somewhere nearby: Hampton Court Palace and Gardens, Brighton, Bath…

  • If she’s far away

o    Send a card, be sure to write in your own personal note
o    Send a nice picture with both of you in it (like these pictures of Saunders 1865 team members Ann, Christine, Miriam and Ravini with their moms)
o    Video chat
o    Send flowers or another fun gift from somewhere local to her
o    Bring her over to you
o    Go to her
If none of these strike you fancy take a look at some other suggestions from All In London.


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