Moving to Zürich 

Is Zürich a Suitable Brexit "Escape" City?

Since Brexit, some global banks & financial services companies have, according to media reports, indicated that they will need to move some people to cities within Europe other than London.

We can certainly understand the need to think in those terms because such organizations will want to be sure they can still benefit from the EU passporting mechanism once the UK leaves the EU single market. Passporting allows them to sell their financial services across all EU regions.

But it’s impossible to make any concrete plans till we start to learn some detail around the “divorce settlement” that the UK will strike with the EU.

We will, of course, keep you updated as the negotiations unfold.

Currently, at Saunders 1865, we are seeing an increase in moves to London by corporate employers generally, including by financial services firms. At the same time, we’re seeing more moves to what I could call potential “Brexit Escape” cities.

One such escape destination is the colourful city of Zürich, Switzerland.

Like most global destinations, the city has its own quirks & individual characteristics that families being moved there will want to know about.

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