Moving to Philadelphia?

Good news!  Philly has an affordable rental market for homes!!

By: Christine Hall GMS, Managing Director

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Home to an estimated 1.6 million people and affectionately referred to as “Philly”, Philadelphia has the 6th largest metropolitan economy in the USA -  and it’s the economic centre of the state. 

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange – known officially as the NASDAQ OMX PHLX – is here, along with a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Aramark, Comcast, AmerisourceBergen, DuPont, Lincoln National and the newcomer, Navient.

As Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia boasts a rich history with The Declaration of Independence and Constitution being signed here at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall.  And of course, Sylvester Stallone’s character, Rocky’s iconic steps fronts the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Philly is an easy city to navigate, with a convenient grid plan and is mainly flat, making walking a popular transport option.  Because of this, it has one of the lowest congestion problems in the metropolitan areas of the USA, although peak hours are quite hectic.  Streetcars are the norm here, this is one of the last cities in the country to make use of these elegant trams or trolleys.

The city boasts many public and private schools recognised throughout the US for the high quality of education offers, ranging from elementary schools to universities.  School admission runs on the catchment system, similar to the UK.

A particular draw to the city, is its affordable rental market.  Young urbanites choose proximity to the city for the nightlife and a quick commute, while family-centric residents choose the more tranquil neighbourhoods with quiet, leafy streets and good schools.

Philly has a surfeit of culture and residents are proud of their long history.  Along with having a great work ethic, they are fanatical sports fans and really know how to celebrate.  With many exceptional schools and family-oriented suburbs, Philly is a wonderful city for expats with kids, while young professionals and singles have trendy options in the central districts, close to the workplace.  The public transport system is efficient and runs timeously.  However, the catchment system may prove problematic when enrolling kids in school and using the expert services of a relocation specialist will help smooth the way.

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