Moving to Madrid?

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Imagine being at a tapas bar on Plaza Mayor at 8pm. You’ve had your siesta around 3pm and you’re now ready for some olives, cheese and chopitos before dinner. This is life in Madrid on a typical Wednesday night.

Madrid is the vibrant, historical, capital city located in the centre of Spain. The Spanish people are outgoing and friendly. They have a delightfully laid back approach to life and extreme pride in their local culture.

Madrid is one of the several financial centres in Europe hoping to draw business from London. Spanish authorities have put together a package of benefits designed to lure companies looking to escape any potential loss of passporting rights post-Brexit. At Saunders 1865, our destination experts will be pleased to give you advice on any aspect of moving people to Madrid.

There are many perks attached to being an expat in Madrid. Several banks offer multiple-currency accounts in recognition of the significant expat community. Expats often remark that they are thrilled with the impressive number of private schools with bilingual or full English curriculums. Plus, there’s lots of time for the kids to play outside with Madrid’s 300+ days of sunshine per year!

One important cultural difference: physical contact is more common in Spain than in any other Western European country. And Spaniards tend to be more animated in their body language, using highly expressive gestures. This can be hard to get used to for an expat initially.

When preparing for housing, it’s important to have your National Identity Number on hand with your passport and proof of earnings. In Madrid, be sure that your landlord registers your deposit with the Comunidad de Madrid, which will ensure you get a discount on your annual tax return (declaración de la renta).

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