Moving to Dublin in a RED Hot Rental Market

Dublin is a preferred Brexit escape city for businesses

But finding a rental home can be quite a challenge!

                                                                                                  By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS -  Vice President


Dublin is an obvious EU location for businesses to move key people to as companies prepare for Brexit.  Travel to and from London is relatively easy – and there’s no language barrier.  It’s also a beautiful place to live, so there’s less reluctance from staff who are being asked to move there.

In fact, the city has become so popular that the market for rental homes is now red hot.  This means that renters currently have very little choice and it’s very much a landlords’ market.  When you see a home that you like, you’ll need to move fast to secure it.  Right now, it is common for properties to rent for well above the advertised rental prices, such is the scarcity - especially in the city centre.

River Liffey in DublinSo what’s the appeal of Dublin?  The city has a picturesque historic centre bisected by the River Liffey.  Its youthful sense of fun perfectly complements the pervading air of Irish history and its importance as a European centre for business, culture and the arts,  all give Dublin plenty of pulling power. 

And then there’s the easy access to both the coast and the gorgeous Irish countryside.


Dublin has more parkland per square kilometre than any other European capital, making it one of the most pleasant cities to live in anywhere in the world.

South City Centre in dublinIn Ireland, only Dublin City has postal codes.  You will notice that all of Dublin City centre establishments are in “Dublin 1” or “Dublin 2“, etc.  Outside the city, it is simply County Dublin.  The postal code system for Dublin is simple.  Odd numbers are addresses on the North side of the River Liffey.  Even numbers are on the south side (except for parts of Dublin 8, which encompasses part of Phoenix Park).  Dublin 1 is the North City Centre.  Dublin 2 is the South City Centre.

Most professionals tend to live in Dublin 2 or Dublin 4 postcodes which offer good schools, beautiful houses and plenty of green space.

Rental properties in these areas do not come cheap.  A 1-bed property rents for around €1,700/month and a 3-bed apartment costs in excess of €2,500/month.

A positive aspect of the rental market (in contrast to London for example) is that landlords and agents do not charge extra fees (so-called “admin fees”) to tenants.  Generally, renters are only asked to pay a security deposit and the first month’s rent in advance.  

Cards in WalletWhen applying to rent a home in Dublin, you will usually be asked for the following:

  • Employer’s reference
  • Previous landlord’s reference
  • Valid photo ID
  • Bank statement showing you can afford to pay the rent


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With reports that the Dublin property market is becoming more expensive than London, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenge of finding an affordable home.  Fortunately, the team of relocation experts at Saunders 1865 know the Dublin property market inside out - and have the best local experts on the ground to help you.  We know how much you should expect to pay and the advantages and disadvantages of different locations around Dublin.

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