Moving to Mexico City?

                                                                    Good news – the city welcomes expats!

                                                              By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS – Senior Vice President


If you’re moving to Mexico City from overseas, you should grab a free copy of our new Moving to Mexico City report today.

Mexico City is among the largest cities and metropolitan areas in the world, with around 20-million inhabitants.  Based on GDP, the country has the 15th largest world economy and is the most highly populated Spanish country.  This growing economy, with a large population of younger people and fast-paced work environment, benefits from an immense workforce.

Mexico City is a megacity– roughly on par with São Paulo in Brazil and New York City.  It is the financial, political and cultural centre and the capital city of Mexico, with Spanish as its first language.  Expats are advised to learn at the least the basics of the language.  There are sizeable communities of most nationalities from Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia.  This historic city dates back to the Aztecs in 1325.

For those with kids, a particular draw to the area, is the great international schools. There are four international schools in Mexico City, which offer the

International Baccalaureate and tuition in English or even Japanese.  Although they can be expensive, they are ideal for short-term expats.  These include

the American School Foundation, the Edron Academy, Greengates School, and The Japanese School of Mexico.

Another selling point is that Mexico City offers exceptional medical facilities with high-quality healthcare. Healthcare is very affordable for expats, who mainly opt for private healthcare, despite the high standard and affordability of public healthcare.

Although it may seem a daunting destination at first to some, Mexicans are friendly people and welcome expats.  Great education, a good choice of places to live, a hard-working workforce and a fast-growing economy makes Mexico City an exciting and cultural destination.  Not forgetting, great weather and excellent travel destinations within Mexico, plus proximity to the USA and South America.  The language barrier may prove tricky but using the services of an expert relocation specialist will pave the way for school registrations, lease negotiations and other aid, where needed.

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