How to Move Employees Overseas & Take Care of their Well-being

International relocations can cause avoidable stress & misery

  • Flexible, monthly relocation support that fits every budget & can be turned on & off as required by the business
  • For the first time ever, relocation support AS A SERVICE that’s immediately accessible to all
  • Reduce stress on ALL your relocated employees & families
  • Maximise their happiness & their business productivity

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No complaints, very excellent service.

Roger Ball, Helsinki

How can your business move people abroad and, at the same time, safeguard the well-being of its employees?

More than ever before, businesses need staff to relocate abroad.

But business leaders often underestimate the stress an international move puts on employees and their families.

There are all sorts of pressure points.  Here are just a few:

  • Difficulties around finding decent rental accommodation in a foreign location
  • Problems with bad landlords, who won’t do repairs or deliver what was promised
  • Incompetent rental agents that let you down and who are sometimes downright dishonest
  • Unfair rental contracts that only advantage the landlord to the detriment of the renter
  • Lack of knowledge about local laws & customs that lead to unnecessary costs

The employee can end up feeling that nobody is on their side!  These pressures can build up and start to badly affect staff well-being & even their mental health.

And, in turn, these employees put pressure on HR departments, spreading the internal damage & costs to the business!

Productivity is damaged with obvious consequences for the ultimate success of the business opportunity that’s at stake.

Now, at last, there's a very easy, affordable solution! In fact, it’s now affordable & accessible to employees at all levels. Even for those who don’t qualify for full relocation support.

Saunders 1865 now offers on-demand, VIP relocation support as a service for a small monthly fee. It can be started and stopped as business needs dictate. And it can be scaled up and down according to the needs of each individual case. It is totally flexible.

Both the people you’re moving and HR will have ongoing access to Saunders 1865’s friendly, professional relocation experts. They are constantly on tap, and ready to help out with any issue in the foreign location.

There is no need for any long-term contracts or complex, costly procurement procedures that cause delays and frustration. This is a monthly support program (Relocation As A Service) can be started & stopped as business needs dictate. It’s totally flexible and scaleable.

To find out more, contact a relocation support expert at Saunders 1865.  Use this contact form or call us on +44 20 7590 2700 (alternatively 239 530 1865) or send an email to