Motorola Abandons Basingstoke & Moves to London

Employees & families concerned will be profoundly affected

By: Christine Hall, GMS,

American data communications and telecoms business, Motorola Solutions, has announced that it will move 250 jobs from their EMEA headquarters in Basingstoke to offices in Central London.

1,200 jobs have already left Basingstoke in the last 4 years, including pharmaceutical powerhouse Shire that also relocated to London.

And other major employers have also abandoned Basingstoke in recent years so it appears to be a growing trend away from the town, which is worrying local political leaders. Deputy leader of the Labour group councillor, Mike Westbrook said: “It’s disturbing news. It will be a blow for our town and a concern as yet another major employer leaves.”

The move is apparently part of Motorola’s overall business plan to consolidate international offices. But what does it mean for the staff involved?

Well, presumably they will either face the prospect of a long, very costly commute to and from London every day or they will need to move closer to Central London where housing and overall living costs are much higher.

Employers have to make these decisions for business reasons. When they do it’s vital that they that they do care about the employees and families concerned whose lives will be profoundly affected. It’s extremely important to make sure that a relocation plan is put in place to comprehensively support the affected employees and their families.

Usually this is best accomplished by retaining external relocation experts that are easily accessible to answer all their questions and generally support them throughout the process. This is a wise investment because it will help retain talent and enhance their loyalty to the brand by showing how much you care about their lives and well-being.

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