Meghan Markle & Prince Harry House Hunting in the Cotswolds

                                                           By: Christine Hall, GMS,

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be house hunting in the beautiful Cotswolds, not far from Prince Charles’ country home ‘Highgrove House.’  

(I’m not happy that we might (almost certainly) be losing Meghan from my fave Netflix series, Suits!)

Specifically, the pair has been rumoured to be looking to buy in Oxfordshire.

Harry knows the Cotswolds well, as he spent a significant amount of time there as a child and has many well-connected friends and family that live around that area.  Initially, it was believed that Harry was going to keep it in the family and settle near to Prince William and Kate’s home in Norfolk, but it seems that the search has narrowed in to the countryside around the Cotswolds.

Locals have even spotted Harry spending time in the villages within the area, getting a feel for the different spots.

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