Meghan Markle Moving to London?

Prince Harry’s GF Looking for a Rental Flat in Trendy Chelsea

Why VIPs Engage Relocation Professionals (think Location, Location, Location!)

From Saunders Blog - Meghan Markle Moving to London

Meghan Markle Moving to LondonSpotted in Chelsea: Meghan Markle shopping for flats to be nearer to boyfriend Prince Harry.

She’s been seen looking in the trendy Chelsea area at one-bedroom flats for rent. 

According to media reports, she’s planning on spending more time in London as her relationship with Prince Harry develops and it doesn’t make sense to continue paying for expensive London hotels.  Additionally, hotels don’t allow for the amount of privacy needed for such a high-profile relationship.

It’s also been noted that for now she won’t be moving into Kensington Palace with Prince Harry. Perhaps the conservative Queen had something to say about that?

Meghan’s new place won’t come cheap though – properties in the Chelsea area cost around £3,000 per month.  To get the best rental deal on the right terms, it pays to engage the services of a local relocation professional who will represent the renter.  Letting Agents, on the other hand, work to get the best deal for Landlords.

And there are special reasons why VIPs and celebrities prefer to use a relocation professional instead of flogging round numerous Letting Agencies.

For more than 3 decades Saunders 1865 has helped high profile individuals find the best rental homes within their budget.  And we’ve written a feature on the Top 10 Reasons Why Celebrities & VIPs Love Relocation Services based on our experiences.

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From Saunders Blog: Meghan Markle Moving to London

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