Saunders 1865 | McDonald’s to Move its European Base to the UK

McDonald’s to Move its European Base to the UK

And that’s despite warning against Brexit 

“Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I’m Lovin’ It!”

Following a string of global giants, including Apple, Google and Facebook, McDonald’s, is the latest multinational company to invest in the UK since June’s Brexit vote.

McDonald’s have announced that it will move its non-US operations from Luxembourg to London. The firm is to establish a new holding company in this country where it will pay tax on most of its income outside of the US. The company mentioned that one reason for selecting the UK was because of its connections to other markets. The burger giant also said the move would make its operations more efficient.

Businesses moving their operations should never forget the human factor.

A move affects the lives of those team members who are asked to relocate their homes and families to accommodate the needs of the business.

This is especially so when the move is an international one.

Great Employers handle the human side well and, at Saunders 1865, our team of relocation experts put every effort into making every move smooth and easy for the family.

As a result they feel HIGHLY VALUED by their Employer. There can be no better Return On Investment than that!

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