Man United target has ‘doubts’ about moving to England

Antoine Griezmann linked to big-money relocation to the UK

Atletico Madrid striker Antoine GriezmannSpeculation that Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann may move to Manchester United has stalled thanks to Griezmann’s comments on his doubts about moving to England.

The France international has admitted that the weather and media could prevent him from making a switch to the Premier League in the future. “England, I have a lot of doubts about my private life. Everything like rain, bad weather… I need to feel happy outside."

As an international relocation specialist, to me, this indicates that Manchester United are not set up with the sort of high-end relocation support that major corporate employers provide when moving a VIP rainmaker like Antoine. Living in England comes with amazing benefits that transcend concerns over the weather.

Football clubs need to keep up with modern times and put in place the right programs to support key international transfers.

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