Millennial Employees are on the Move to Amsterdam

                                                              By: Christine Hall, GMS,

Historically, the Dutch and English have enjoyed more than 300 years of close ties.  There are many parallels in religion, business, culture and economics and many businesses have joined forces over the past few years including Shell gas and oil, RELX the publishing and data business and Unilever.

Uber and Netflix have their European headquarters in Amsterdam, helped by a relaxed tax regime.  The city is interwoven with high-speed broadband, making it a hotspot for high-frequency trading.  When international media companies like Disney and Time Warner, whose UK licences to broadcast into the EU will soon be obsolete, consider whether to move, Amsterdam will be top of the list. 

Shortly after Brexit, The New York Times researched which of the European cities would be the top rival to London for business. Amsterdam came out top.  It ranked above Paris, whose score decreased due to the local aversion to speaking English.  However, the Dutch speak it happily and often better than most other countries in the EU. Dublin lost out on its distance from continental Europe and its poor airport, and Frankfurt for lacking in nightlife and for concentrating too much power in Germany. 

Amsterdam’s business districtAdditionally, a stable government, good regulatory framework, and great airport connections as reasons to be there.  Schipol airport with its six runways is just six minutes from Zuidas, Amsterdam’s business district, by train.  By comparison, Heathrow has two runways and is a 40-minute journey into the city.

The creative industry in particular is incredibly strong in Amsterdam and British creatives, many of which are newer to the workforce, love it.

There are high-skilled migrant visas, with the first 30 per cent of your salary tax free.  With international schools, the forthcoming direct London-Amsterdam Eurostar service and a city centre small enough to be enjoyed on foot or by bike, the charms of Old Amsterdam as a place that welcomes the citizens of nowhere, the capital of the Netherlands becomes quite a proposition for disaffected Brits. 

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