Saunders 1865 | London, a magnet for global tech workers

London, a magnet for global tech workers

London has been named the third best city to live and work for global tech workers leaving only New York and San Francisco as more desirable destinations.

According to a recent poll of over 800 international technology professionals, global tech workers prefer to relocate to London compared to other European cities such as as Berlin and Paris placing London’s good international travel connections, cultural diversity and creative and innovative environment as important factors for its attractiveness.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson MP said: “Since the creation of the Tech City project six years ago, London has emerged as Europe’s fastest growing technology hub while cementing our status as a world-class destination to live and work.”

Currently London hosts around 40% of the world’s top digital companies, namely Google, Facebook, Skype and Amazon.

It appears the world’s third best tech hub is just getting started, as in 2015 London’s digital firms raised £2.28 billion in investment, a 69% increase on 2014!

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