Saunders 1865 | London flat for £90,000?

London flat for £90,000?

Isn’t it every young person’s dream: to own their own central London flat, overlooking an iconic London landmark, a place they can call home in the most exciting city in Europe?

So if you found out that such a flat was available, in Knightsbridge, for just £90,000, you’d leap at the chance, wouldn’t you?

That price? In that location? So what’s the catch?

Well, it’s too small to swing a cat – in fact it’s virtually a doll’s house!

The single room measures about ten by eight feet. There’s just room for a single bed and a tiny kitchenette – one corner is partitioned-off for the smallest bathroom you could imagine.

Because it’s located on the eighth floor of one of the smartest mansion blocks in Knightsbridge, with a view across the street to Harrods, it still carries a premium price tag.

And there’s been some strong interest in the property so far…apparently there’s already been offers over the asking price, at as much as £120,000!

It’s thought that this minute studio flat was originally a storage cupboard used by porters in the exclusive Prince’s Court mansion block on Brompton Road. Larger flats in this swanky block can sell for millions and the price being talked about for this flat is more like one of their annual service charges – so the lucky buyer may snap-up a bargain.

We doubt that! We think the novelty will soon wear off – and their money could be much more wisely spent.

Nearly all our international clients rent their London homes for the first 12 months at least. Our relocation advisers find them some terrific deals every day.

And the current state of the property market makes renting a very wise move indeed.

So if you want to find a London home of a more appropriate size, contact us today for a free consultation.

The Saunders 1865 Home Finding Program will help you to get the best out of your budget, while at the same time taking the stress out of the whole home search and relocation process.

And if you’re interested in moving to Knightsbridge in particular, our Knightsbridge area report would be a great place to start.




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