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Some celebrities have snagged astonishing properties lately! After Rupert Murdoch lost his former home in his recent divorce to Wendi Deng (the beautiful ninja who defended him from a flying pie during his questioning at Parliament), Murdoch has settled for a four story NYC penthouse. The triplex cost the media mogul $57.25 million, suggesting he wasn’t too scorched by divorce costs. The property is 6,850-square-foot and contains five bedrooms, a wraparound terrace, an indoor pool, a gym and more, which will be finished by Mr. Murdoch’s own design team. While the property itself was only $43 million, Murdoch also bought the entirety of the 57th floor just below his triplex in order to house his extensive art collection. Who said bachelor pads had to be full of empty pizza boxes and dirty laundry?

DJ Avicii has acquired an equally impressive property on the opposite coast of the US in Hollywood. The Swedish DJ has enjoyed mounting success lately, enough so that he was able to purchase a $15 million estate on Blue Jay Way. It may not be as pricey as Murdoch’s new home, but to be fair Avicii is only 24 years old to Murdoch’s 83. The property includes an infinity pool, impressive skyline view, a private theatre, six bedrooms, excellent natural lighting, a massive closet and modern styling. If it weren’t in such a warm location, you could almost say there’s something Scandinavian about it with the wooden floors, fire pit and edgy architecture: fitting for the young star.

If hearing about these enviable properties has you hungering for your own celebrity home, fear not: Bruce Willis has put his Beverley Hills home on the market for $18 million. This doesn’t have to mean the property is out of your price range, as the eleven bedroom property could easily be split (or not, after all Willis seemed to require all of them to himself). The property includes a tennis court, music room, gourmet kitchen, library, wine cellar, pool, barbeque pit, and with an area of 10,000 square feet, so much more. The property which has tripled in value since Willis bought it in 2004 might just be a worthwhile investment for VIPs looking to get a great property worth talking about.

That isn’t to say that all the celebrity homes are across the pond. Harry Styles dropped £3 million on a four bedroom house in North London complete with a double car lift. The Beckhams just resettled in London in a home so glamorous it’s being called Beckingham Palace. The humble abode in Kensington cost around £30 million not counting renovations and includes a cat walk, secret entrances, an 100ft garden, eight bedrooms, a manicure bar and more in its 9,000 square feet.

Celebrity homes all around the UK are being bought and sold, such as Roger Moore’s charming Buckinghamshire retreat. Saunders 1865 has the VIP expertise to help you find the right area and home in the UK whether you’re looking for a gorgeous retreat like Roger Moore, a city castle like the Beckhams or something simpler but high in quality like the young One Direction star. Contact us today to see our area reports about who’s living where and why, and we’ll get you started so that being VIP feels celebrity.


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