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Live Like Jagger

If you want a taste of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle but haven’t got the budget, we may have the solution.  A flat that was once lived in by Mick Jagger is available to rent in Belgravia for just £550 a week.  Admittedly, compared with other parts of London, this might be seen as a little expensive for a one bedroom flat.  But in the heart of Belgravia, with a rock star pedigree, it’s practically a bargain!

With hardly room to strut his stuff, Jagger lived in the tiny basement back in 1968.  In those days he made do with just the one bedroom and a combined kitchen-reception room.  But by 1971 he’d moved out and become a tax exile in the south of France.  And it’s safe to say that his current house is probably many, many times larger.  However, if you like the idea of impressing your friends in Mick’s old sitting room or sleeping in the room where he once slept, then this may be your best chance ever.

But even without the cachet of stepping into a rock star’s shoes, Belgravia has a lot to offer.  As one of London’s most exclusive residential areas, moving here will guarantee you one of the smartest addresses in London.  The area is characterised by the elegant white stucco villas of the Grosvenor Estate and tranquil garden squares – and you may find you have some illustrious neighbours including Margaret Thatcher, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Roman Abramovich and two former James Bonds!  Add to that a convenient location in the heart of the capital with easy access to all the West End’s shopping and cultural attractions, and it’s easy to see why so many of the super-rich put down their roots here.

Just one final word of advice for when you move in…  Keep the volume down when you practise the guitar solos!  Remember your new neighbours.

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