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While Letting Agents Fight Government Ban on Tenant Fees

Tenant Representative Urges Renters To Make Their Voice Heard

Before the Consultation Ends

And Offers Free Help To Tenants

24 April 2017 -  ENGLAND: ARLA PropertyMark is a body that represents Letting Agents who act for Landlords. They are calling on their agent members to lobby MPs in a fight against the Government’s ban on Tenant fees. These are fees being charged to Tenants by agents who work for Landlords.

Currently, renters are forced to pay hundreds of pounds in fees to Letting Agents as a condition of making an application to rent a property.  Tenants representatives agree with the Government’s planned ban and argue that these fees should be paid by their client Landlords.  In all cases, they represent fees for services that benefit the Landlord.

Saunders 1865, a relocation firm that solely represents renters, strongly disagrees with ARLA’s position and urges all Tenants to make sure that their voices drown out the moans and groans from Letting Agents who have been getting away with daylight robbery for far too long.

It would be interesting to hear how ARLA would defend a charge of over £800 for changing one name on a rental contract.   This latest outrage, according to The Guardian, was committed by one of the largest Letting Agency brands in London, so it can hardly be claimed that we’re only talking about a few rogue traders.  You can read more about that story here

Tony Coe, CEO of Saunders 1865 said:  “I would encourage all renters to participate in the Government consultation before the deadline expires.  We’ve made our own submission on behalf of Tenants and my team will assist, free of charge, any renter who wants to make their own submission.  Tenants all need to make their voices heard on this issue.”

Here is the Government’s Response Form  It should be completed by the 2 June deadline. Anyone wanting free help to guide them in what to say should email  Letting Agents have no shortage of resources to lobby Government.  Tenants need free professional help with this campaign too.

Coe added “Landlords are free to choose any Letting Agent they wish, but Tenants have no choice in the matter. They have to go through the Letting Agent of the Landlord for the property they select.  When letting agents can charge £800 for effectively doing nothing, something has gone badly wrong.  How can we expect young renters to afford charges like these?  It’s scandalous.  And we reject out of hand the notion that rents will go up as a result of this ban.  As if Landlords don’t always charge the maximum the market will bear.  Rents are a function of supply and demand.”   

When renting a home is the only viable option for most new home seekers, it’s vital that the Government gets on with implementing this ban to end this abuse of renters without further delay.

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About Saunders 1865:

Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – represents renters.  

For more than 3 decades we’ve been helping workers and their families find and secure rental homes throughout the UK.  As such, on a daily basis, we see the best and worst aspects of the UK rental market.Saunders 1865 advocates for stronger renters’ rights and fairer treatment of tenants.

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