UK Letting Agents Fight Government Ban

on Charging Fees to Renters

This is your one chance to participate in the formal consultation

By Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865 

I hope you’ll make sure that your voice is heard on this issue on behalf of all assignees that are relocated to the UK – and on behalf of all employers who relocate those assignees.  We have only this one opportunity to leave the government in no doubt that this ban should be implemented quickly; and it should be unequivocal.

Just to recap, back in February I wrote a blog on Banning Fees to Make Renting Fair and how agents (who work for the Landlord!) are resisting the ban to continue to charge tenants hundreds of pounds in unfair fees.

A similar ban is to be implemented in England after a formal consultation process that has now begun.  During the consultation, interested parties – including Tenants, Landlords, Agents and other stakeholders (such as employers and their relocation providers) – can all have their say.

As a relocation firm that’s always been independent of any real estate agent, we wholeheartedly agree with the government’s planned ban. 

Agents are resisting the ban but it would be interesting to hear how they would defend a charge of over £800 for simply changing one name on a rental contract.  This latest outrage, according to The Guardian newspaper, was committed by one of the largest Letting Agency brands in London, so it can hardly be claimed that we’re only talking about a few rogue traders.  You can read more about that story here

Because I feel so strongly about this, my team will assist you, free of charge, in making your own submission.  It is a straightforward online form but I fully understand that not everyone is as close to the detail as we are – so we’re happy to help.  The views expressed, of course, will be yours but we’re more than happy to guide you through the process which should take no more than 20 minutes of your time.  And given your status, it will carry weight.

Here is the Government’s Response Form  It should be completed by the 2 June deadline.  If you’d like our help, just email us at to that effect and we’ll contact you to assist.

It’s worth remembering that Landlords are free to choose any Letting Agent they wish, but Tenants have no choice in the matter.  They have to go through the Letting Agent of the Landlord for the property they select.  When Letting Agents can charge £800 for effectively doing nothing, something has gone badly wrong. As if Landlords don’t always charge the maximum the market will bear.  Rents are a function of supply and demand.

I hope you agree.  Thanks for listening.

Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865 - The VIP Relocation Company