Leonardo DiCaprio Moving to Brighton?

Or is this just more fake news?!!

By: Christine Hall, GMS


I recently read that Leonardo DiCaprio may move to Brighton.  In a recent interview, the article claimed, the actor said he had grown tired of the LA lifestyle and wanted to move somewhere with more ‘genuine’ people. 

Well, there are certainly some interesting people living in Brighton which is only a 56 minutes train ride from London.

It’s a colourful place with a significant vegan community.  I understand that the movie star is himself a vegan.  He’ll find no shortage of plant-based food options all over the city and I’m sure that Leonardo DiCaprio would appreciate the multitude of vegan restaurants and festivals on offer in Brighton.

Brighton is certainly a great place to live and many people even commute to London and back.  It is easy to see why someone used to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles might be attracted to the relaxing atmosphere of this somewhat different seaside town. 

I wonder whether Leonardo would choose to live by the coast or would he prefer the countryside, away from all the tourists?

That said, I’m highly sceptical about this news and I think it might well be fake!  I could not find any evidence that it was based in any way on fact.  If you know different, do let me know!

In any event, when VIPs and celebs look for a home in the UK they usually retain a local expert to guide them and protect their privacy. 

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