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Kids Playing LegoSummer is a perfect time for theme parks and, thanks to our on-going heat wave, we are enjoying prime conditions for a family outing to Legoland!

Originally opened in Windsor in 1996, Legoland in one of the most popular attractions in Britain and garners millions of visitors each year. Dedicated to children aged 6-13, the park consists of workshops, hands-on activities, and various Lego-themed rides.

The park is approximately 8 miles away from West of London Heathrow and also in close proximity to Windsor Castle. There is an on-going Star Wars display, which has been expanded since its opening in 2012, and boasts twelve, three-foot tall models of characters including Princess Leia, Anakin Skywalker, and Yoda. You can also explore Duplo Valley, ride the Hill Train, or go for an underwater adventure on the Atlantis Submarine Voyage. Hands-on activities include the Fire Academy, Digger Challenge, and Driving School, which promise plenty of adventure and fun for the kids.

Order your tickets online today for a discount and to find out more about the adventures that wait for you and your family in Legoland!

Opening Times: 10am to 7 pm (Saturday 20 July 2013 to Sunday 1 September 2013)


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