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Kindle Paper White Draw Entries

The kindleWe love to hear about the things our assignees especially enjoyed doing while living in the UK. This is because we would like to pass on our recommendations to other expats, so they can get the best out of their UK experience.


“Our time in the UK was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives”

Here’s what Bill Howard, Project Manager at CHARTER AUTOMOTIVE had to say on what he and his wife enjoyed doing in the UK:

“Overall, our time in the UK was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We enjoyed many things, so much so, it is hard to only list a few. I will say that England has a rich history and we enjoyed traveling to a different city each month to explore the culture and history for ourselves. We also enjoyed the great location of England in relation to mainland Europe. We went to a different country a month for long weekends and feel we saw a great deal of Europe. All the places we have been to are great so it is hard to pick just a few. Our friends from the expat group my wife was in were a great resource when planning trips. We were not the only ones and it was great to hear the inside tips from those who have been before us. Also, the use of budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet made this particularly easy and cost effective.

As for getting acclimated it worked best for my wife to join an expat group. She met many great people from all around the world and even participated on the board. She found it to be a very rewarding experience and very helpful as mentioned before. I found that joining a local golf club was the easiest way. I met many great people while we shared conversation over a round of golf.

Our living accommodation in England was more than we could have hoped for. After many years in a city in the USA we moved to a small village. We loved it so much that we aspire to find a similar environment when we eventually move back to the states. It is safe to say that pub life is for me. Great people, great food, and some good beer (English beer wasn’t my favorite). I recommend people think about a small village over a big city like London or Birmingham before a decision is made. It is a great way to live.

Overall, we would happily do this experience again if the opportunity arose.”


“I really enjoy the cycle road network”

Here’s what Gergely Kokeny of Gemalto had to say on what he and his family enjoyed doing in the UK:

“Having 4 kids my life is mainly around the schools, doctors, after school activity venues, playgrounds or the train stations (as I commute a lot between my home and our office or customers)

If we have some time we go out biking, running, etc.

In general I really enjoy the cycle road network, the large green fields and also the style of the small town houses.

As for a theatre shaw I saw this one in December and would recommend to anyone else who likes laughing continously:

‘Caught in the Net’ at the Mill at Sonning, near Reading


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