International Relocations as Lockdowns Ease 

Top Talent Acquisitions: what’s occurring in the global attraction battle? 

Tony Coe - Founder & CEO

Since the start of the listing of the COVID restrictions, we’ve been seeing corporate clients moving aggressively to take on fresh talent.

What we’re seeing a lot of is agile firms moving to acquire the brightest young minds available in the global talent pool. 

The most successful of these hungry talent-attracters are making sure they roll out the red carpet for their candidates, providing them with the best possible relocation support and welcome. 

It’s a very wise business investment that starts to pay dividends immediately.  We hear it in the delighted voices of the candidates when they hear, from the get-go, the extent of the support their new employer is going to give them. 

Our first job in some cases is to address any lingering doubts in their minds about moving to a foreign location. 

Once a candidate has made the decision to join the new employer, their experiences and interactions with touchpoints, can only do one of two things: 

  • Reinforce their decision to join the business; or

  • Undermine it. 

Our role is to work in partnership with our corporate client, doing our utmost to make sure everything is a reinforcement, and not the other thing! 

Obviously, the relocation support package must be comprehensive and easy for them to understand.  We tease out any doubts in our first contact with them.   

And at that stage, they usually want re-assurance that we’ll be there to support them, and answer all their questions and any concerns, throughout their international move. 

Beyond that, the usual top concerns are: 

• Where they should live relative to their commute;

• The sort of home they can get for their rental budget; and

• Schooling, if they have children. 

Another aspect of our role, one that can be of great value to our corporate client, is to be on high alert for any signs of concern.  

When we smoke any such signs out, it gives the new employer the chance to address them before they reach a point of no return. 

Our relocation experts are very aware of the value that these candidates represent to our corporate clients.  Our clients have worked hard to find and attract them. 

It is an important part of our job to communicate a strong message to each candidate that their new employer highly values them.   

This is a lesson I learned very early on in my relocation career – and remaining faithful to it has been a major benefit to our relocation firm. 

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I have been very happy with the service that is being provided to me by  Saunders 1865"

Safa Misirli – London to Paris, France