International Relocation Search - the final straw!

By Ann Dinsdale, GMS  

Finally, Christine and Tony (founding directors/owners of Saunders 1865) wrap up their 3-part series of episodes on International Relocation Search.  I thought it was never going to end! I think it must have been the wine and the G&Ts!  Thank goodness they finally defaulted to coffee for this one!

Employers who move their talent across international borders very much encourage their global workforce to stay mobile.  That means renting homes; not buying them.

Not every employer is like that – and perhaps there’s something of a change in the air.  We’ve noticed that many international employers are starting to ask about international home buyer assistance.  That’s new.  Is it a trend or a flash in the pan motivated by COVID?  Who can tell?  But it’s significant – that’s for sure.

What is certain?  Employers want to retain their key talent – and they want to attract new talent.  There’s a growing awareness amongst forward-looking employers of the need to provide VIP relocation assistance that provides an employee experience that’s head and shoulders above the crowd.  There’s no substitute for making them feel highly valued by their employer in ROI terms.

International rental search is still the main meal.  But if you’re looking at a highly valued candidate (internal or new hire) – one that’s big on home buying vs rental, does it make sense to deny them support?

After all, the home has become an extension of the business premises – and for an employer, they are premises that are as cheap as chips.  But they are the world to the employee!  Providing VIP support (relatively speaking) costs peanuts; but it creates amazing loyalty in the eyes of the employee.

Providing home finding assistance is enormously helpful to the employee that’s relocating from overseas.  Without professional assistance they may encounter a lot of challenges where they are unfamiliar with practices in the local, destination marketplace.

And if they have children who need the right school places, it’s even more critical.

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